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destination Sucre


The first colonial city founded at the bottom of the Sica Sica (Caterpillar) and Churuquella (snail) hills, the course of history, It became one of the most important cities of the continent thanks to her important institutions were established as: The Archbishopric of the Silver, University of San Francisco Xavier and the Real Audiencia de Charcas. Through these institutions and their growing international fame, Sucre became known by different names and titles now boasts, namely: "Noble and Loyal city of La Plata", "City of Four Names; “Charcas, The Silver, Chuquisaca, Sucre", "America’s White City", "The Sholarly Charcas", "University city", "America’s Monument", and "Cultural Patrimony of Mankind".

That's Sucre, a city that trough its life has gained importance and recognition mainly because it has been the cradle of American liberty.

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