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Grateful recognition Bolivia Tourist Quality Commitment to our agency

Recently the Vice Ministry of Tourism Bolivia, in solemn acts, with presence of the main departmental and municipal authorities, He carried out the delivery of two types of certificates incentive Best Practices: the first consisting of diplomas of attendance at training sessions representatives of the companies participating in the project for their participation and; the second, corresponding to the Board of distinction "Tourist Quality Commitment" to companies that were rated SUITABLE on the application and adaptation to the methodology of SCTE, a distinguished 22 companies in the city of Potosi and 26 in the city of Sucre, which Routes South is again worthy.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, the Vice Ministry of Tourism, signed agreements with the autonomous and municipal governments of both tourist destinations, with two goals: Follow-certified companies, so that they are periodically tested to ensure the quality level achieved and second objective: Assist companies that failed to distinguish in this pilot phase and incorporate new companies that simply could not participate in the first phase of the project.