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Salta-Argentina.- Maria Pilar Carbajal Zambrana, general manager of Rutas del Sur, Sucre tourism company, Bolivia, participated in the Ohasis Hotel San Salvador de Jujuy the WorkShop presented by the Organization and Management of Tourist Destination Santa Cruz Santa Cruz -OGD and the airline Boliviana de Aviacion -BOA. In a brief chat he had with LaColumnaNoa.Com, He stressed that Sucre is a city with an important historical memory for Latin America. He stressed that in that area, yet they still exist two cultures: Spanish culture and the indigenous culture of the peoples who speak Tarabuco and jalcas currently Quechua.
Tell me the reasons for your visit to this exhibition at Hotel Ohasis of San Salvador de Jujuy, a replica of the event held in Salta.

-I'm part of the team OGD Santa Cruz. Our mission is to promote not only our region, but all Bolivia that offers the altiplano over 4000 m, Valleys with Sucre and Santa Cruz 400 meters. That is to say, a variety of tourist resources that come to show to know us. We want to have a presence every year. We have many things in common to spread in Bolivia.

What are the points der interest to tourists Salta-Jujuy Tucuman?

-Sucre is one of the emblematic cities and the oldest in Bolivia, where important institutions coming from the colony. We have the archbishopric of La Plata and San Francisco Javier University. Many aspects that make Sucre to become a city with many tourist attractions and historical. Our slogan is: "You know Sucre, Bolivia know ".

-It is said that Sucre was the historic capital of Bolivia and you just me refutabas this concept.

-Sucre never stopped being capital. Simply for political reasons, (Unfortunately in 1889, there was a revolt, a confrontation between university Chuquisaca and people wanting to overthrow the government of Peace) They lose Chuquisaca and carry the political headquarters to the city of La Paz. Nevertheless, Sucre remains the capital of Bolivia and according to the latest constitution, It recognizes us as capital, legal and historic Bolivia. Peace is the current political capital.

How many communities living in Sucre?

A few kms, Tarabuco and jalcas. Indians are leaders today remain almost intact its traditions. Therefore, recently the Tarabuco culture, It was recognized as World Heritage. Besides Spanish, Quechua is spoken. Catholic tradition and one of the most important expressions of Sucre is the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe is maintained that celebrates the 8 of September. In recent 25 years, the new method was introduced folk parade in honor of the Virgin that is similar to the Carnival of Oruro, which it is World Heritage.

What is the traditional dish and drink Sucre?

The most recognized and coveted is the chuquisaqueño sausage, a sausage of pork, It is done manually. There are several places in Sucre: 7 moles, Dona Nati and other. Is the typical dish served on a plate or Sandwiche. It may be accompanied with beer or Chicha de Maiz. We also have mistelas macerated liqueurs and spicy chili infantable. Another dish is spicy mondongo. We also have chocolates which is a very ancient custom of Sucre.

How you get to Sucre from Salta?

-We have several options: 1- By air: Santa Cruz- BOA flight to 9 Salta, arrives at 13 Santa Cruz and afternoon departs and arrives the day to Sucre; 2- By Land: Villazon-Tarija or Pocitos or Santa Cruz-Sucre.


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